I must have been 16 years old at the time when I first understood the concept and drilled down on the subject of operating systems. We were probably talking about upgrading from Windows 98 to Windows XP no one really ever used Windows Me.

So, what is an operating system? Both Windows 98 and Windows XP are operating systems. Today the most recent Windows operating system is Windows 10. Windows operating systems are Dos based, more on that later.

Now lets compare operating systems. As a child I used to and have always enjoyed using Mac OS. The reason being the graphical user interface or GUI for short. A graphical user interface is the style and colors used to display application windows, not to be confused with the OS. Let’s face it Windows has always been more affordable and that is what I was stuck with for a very long time.

I personally recommend replacing windows with Ubuntu for anyone stuck with a windows machine. This is probably the last time I will recommend Ubuntu since, it is not trivial to install it on a smart phone and it does not fit into my ideal computing architecture, more on that in the future. I recommend Ubuntu, because it includes everything an average computer user will need. The operating system is free. It is free, just like this blog post, some people just want their work to see the light of day. People that use the operating system known as users, can contribute by reporting issues, the project foundation behind ubuntu also accepts donations.

Back to Windows OS being Dos based, Ubuntu on the other hand is Unix based. This means that they are completely different under the hood. Unix based operating systems are superior than Dos based OSs. The differences are far too many to list in this blog post. One main advantage I still partially have trouble understanding today but, know it is beneficial is that Unix is a file based operating system. Everything can either be read or is executable, more on this on the future. Unix is so complex, in a good way, it probably requires high level math to explain why it works as well as it does.

GNU/Linux derived operating systems are Unix based. Here is a chart that nicely illustrates the history of operating systems.

There are hundreds of operating systems out on the market. Here is a handful of operating systems I believe are note worthy:

  • FreeBSD; My favorite operating system. This OS is for expert users, even some seasoned Linux System Administrators have trouble using it.
  • OpenBSD; The most secure operating system. The OS is so secure, security gets in the way of getting any work done.
  • MenuetOS; This OS is efficient. Written in the assembly programming language it fits in a floppy disk, and it is fast!
    Android; This OS has given Linux a place in the sun.
    Red Hat Linux; Is a for profit backed Linux distribution for enterprises.