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Lee Harwick’s website was done with the visitor’s experience in mind. The website features a simple theme, that loads fast on a desktop or mobile device.

Lee Hardwick was looking for a way to send his radio listeners to donate to his radio station. He needed a website with a short url that was easy to say over the radio and memorable. was just perfect. The Domain name was registered and Drupal was installed as the CMS of choice. A logo was created to go along with radio image. A slider on the homepage features images that represent the music he creates. To the right is a Donate button linked to the radio station’s Paypal account. His Soundcloud account(a social audio sharing service), is embedded on the website, allowing visitors to listen in, on past shows. Links to his social media accounts have also been added, allowing fans to follow him online.

The result is an elegant website, created, developed, hosted and managed by CompCaly.